Supervisor's Checklist

           1.   Download and provide the potential Intern with an Eligibility Form (DSP
           2.  Complete and sign JobBridge Standard Agreement Form with the
              Intern and Mentor 
3.   Once the intern's eligibilty has been confirmed: logon to and 
      confirm that the intern has commenced the placement.


4.    Once the intern’s eligibility has been confirmed: contact the National
      Coordinator ( and confirm that the intern has
      commenced the placement.


5.    Complete and sign GAA/JobBridge Work Plan with Intern.


6.    Provide the designated mentor with a copy of the
      completed GAA/JobBridge Work Plan


7.    Complete and submit online Monthly Compliance Checks at


8.    Complete and submit Early Completion Form at where


9.    Complete and submit Completion Returns at  


10.  Within a week of the end of the internship: complete and sign the Fís

      JobBridge Evaluation Forms. 


11.  Provide the designated mentor with a copy of the completed
      Fís JobBridge Evaluation Forms