Monthly Compliance

The purpose of the monthly compliance is to ensure that internships are proceeding in accordance with the rules of the scheme. Failure to complete the monthly compliance may affect the intern's internship allowance payment and the host organisation's continued eligibility for the JobBridge scheme.
The supervisor must logon every month and complete the online monthly compliance for all interns.
The compliance is to verify that:
  • The internship is being delivered as described by the host organisation, in accordance with the Standard Agreement.
  • The attendance of the intern continues in accordance with the Standard Agreement.
Steps to complete monthly compliance:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Information for Organisations
  3. Click here to Logon
  4. Logon using your username and password
  5. Locate the internship from the list displayed and click on Manage Intern
  6. Enter username and password
  7. Click on Compliance Tab 
  8. Select the intern if compliance is due
  9. Answer the questions
  10. If you answer No to the 2nd question please indicate the week(s) this applies to.