Mentor's Responsibilities

The mentor-intern relationship will have a formal element to it whereby the mentor will set aside specific time to work with the intern in helping them to develop or improve a specific skill in a structured manner.
Some of the potential topics that an intern may wish to discuss with a mentor include:
- Managing conflict;
- Career progression/development;
- Networking;
- Influencing others;
- Time management;
- Work/life balance;
- Leadersip development.
At the start of an internship placement the designated mentor will be responsible for entering into a Mentoring Agreement with their intern, this will establish the following:
a. Roles, responsibilities and expectations of both the mentor and the intern.
b. A framework for meetings and feedback between the mentor and the intern -
    interns will be managed by a mentor in much the same way as other personnel
    under their responsibility and will have monthly one-to-one discussions with
c. A confidentiality clause.
d. The signature of both parties.
The mentor must sign the Standard Agreement Form at the start of the Internship and provide the National Coordinator ( with a copy.
The mentor will also be expected to review and approve the intern's Work Plan as signed by the intern in conjunction with their designated supervisor. The mentor must provide the National Coordinator with a copy of the approved Work Plan.
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